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We are honored and excited to bring this powerful book featuring seventeen experts that are committed to helping you step into your brilliant purpose. We want to support you in tapping into the wisdom we have discovered and believe will empower and support you on your journey.

Our vision is to have our experts share insights, tips, and tools we have discovered to support and empower you on your journey. We know that life is not a solo journey, and by coming together, our goal is to help you step further into and more powerfully into your gifts, talents, and abilities. Together, as we lift each other up, we are all able to grow, reach more people, and have a greater impact than we do trying to do everything on our own.

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It is an honor to serve as ambassador for education for AwareNow Magazine produced by AwarenessTies and partnered by Issuu

ORIGIN Edition:   Homework
RIGHTS Edition:  Village Impact
CLEAN Edition:    The Gilded Age
LIGHT Edition:      Illuminating
LINK for Counselors is a national publication designed to share resources and support to school and college counselors serving high school counselors all over the country. 

Our Greatest Allies in College Planning (p 40)
Creating Belonging Within Our Profession

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