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“I felt your interest in each young woman was rooted in the respect you had for each as an individual. I know you made the young women claim a new sense of confidence; this happened in a relatively brief amount of time. I not only appreciated the information but the way in which you presented it.  You are a gift to those you help along the way.”  

President of La Reina High School

​"We are so excited to have found you! The connection with you was so perfect. We felt the magic. Shea has dubbed you her College Fairy Godmother! Aside from the insight you have into this process and the organization you brought to her world, your love and understanding of dance means so much to her. She was already less stressed after one conversation, so all I can say is thank you, thank you!!"

Parent of Senior
Camden High School
North Carolina

​​“I know my son took your college binder with him on the college visits and has been using it. I think all you did was perfect for him and really helped in a lot of ways. Thank you so much. Seems like we have these angels helping us, and you are one of them.”

Parent of Senior
Home School

​“I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart! I appreciate your motivating ideas and guidance you have shown me. You have helped inspire me to complete junior college and transfer to a university. With your support I am encouraged to do my best to make my life successful!  I look forward to our next meeting and goal set.”

Transfer Student
Ventura College

​"I got into UChicago!!!! They also gave me the Dean’s Scholar merit award, which is $4,000 each summer to spend on internships and projects!! I’m so happy!! Just wanted to let you know. Thank you SO MUCH for all your help editing those crazy essays - they worked!!!"

High School Senior
San Rafael High School

“Thank you again for your wonderful presentation/talk for our group. I feel we all (parents and students) learned quite a bit from you that night. My daughter and I both agreed the way you presented the college process, was with a lot of positive influence and enthusiasm. You made it sound challenging about writing ‘your story’ but in a way that made the girls feel special and that it is ok to like yourself and tell college why they would benefit from the you as the applicant. To go for it!”

Parent of Junior
Foothill Tech High School
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