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Going beyond college applications

Applying to college is a huge investment in time, energy, and money. You want to make sure you do this right. 

At College Confidence, you work closely with your own private college counselor to discover and celebrate your purpose, curiosities, talents, and interests. Combined with a comprehensive and personalized action plan, your college counselor will carefully help you implement each step of the application process to ensure you feel centered, in control, and confident. 


You see, college planning goes beyond ensuring requirements are complete, essays are written, and applications are submitted. We understand that our young people are our future.

This is why we see our students beyond titles of engineers, business leaders, teachers, and doctors. They are innovators, creators, and compassionate problem solvers.

College Confidence does not build applicants. Instead, College Confidence protects the worth and authenticity of students so that they feel ready to take on the world.

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